Exclusive List of Nigeria Campus Awards 2019 Winners The 2019 Edition of Nigeria Campus Awards 2019 was held on the 27th of July 2019 at Sky Pavilion Lounge, Chicken Republic Building, Okelewo – Abeokuta, Ogun State. The yearly award event brought together students from different campuses and individuals from diverse […]

Sniper is not an easy killer, it’s an organ eating ,liquid monster. Sniper is a DDVP 2,2. Ok…sniper is a Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl phosphate compound, produced by ndi Swiss Nigeria Chemical Compound. When you blindly drink sniper, that you want to kill yourself, this is what will happen to you…. 1. […]

Much More 9ja Nigerian Enlightenment and Entertainment Brand Presents Write for 9ja 1.0 Categories Includes: Essays Poems Stories Get Ready to participate and Stand the chance of winning: Cash Prizes Award Plaques Certificate of Participation Mentorship Program Scholarship Opportunities Writing Contract and so much more… Write for 9ja 1.0 is […]

Much More 9ja  Nigerian Enlightenment and Entertainment Brand Presents Face of Much More 9ja 2019!!! The Second Edition of our online photo contest to unveil our next brand ambassador. Winner gets: 1 Year Brand Ambassador Deal with rewards and endorsements. Branded Packages 12 months Internet Data Subscription Package An Exclusive […]

Nigeria Campus Awards 2019 In Partnership with Much More 9ja Presents Most Popular Personality Challenge!!! A social media challenge for all and Sundry in anticipation and countdown to NCAwards 2019 Benefits of Participation includes: ✅Cash Prize ✅An Exclusive Interview on Muchmore9ja.com.ng ✅Nigeria Campus Awards Medal How to Join the Challenge: […]

Right from when I can remember being a girl, I was bombarded with subtle, Covert, overt training and awareness of my femininity and responsibilities as a female. I had baby toys, I bathed them, fed them, backed them, put them to sleep when they ‘fretted’ I recall putting my dolls […]

These days, a lot of ladies complain that guys walk away from them simply because, they refused giving them sex, some are even tempted to give away their virginity just to keep the guys. Permit me be to very blunt here: Virginity may not be the real reason why the […]

Banana as we all know is a curved fruit which grows in bunches and has a creamy yellow body when ripe. Banana fruit has many nutritional values and health benefits but we will be discussing some of them in this article. 1. Protection of the heart: Bananas contain potassium that aids in […]

Once upon a time. I was on the move with Dad when we saw this woman in her 50’s (a beautiful widow). As soon as we passed her, dad said; “if I were into women, I’d have had a relationship with that woman because she was interested in me. But […]

Much More 9ja brings to you Face of Much More 9ja 2018 Grand Finale The maiden edition of our photo contest set to unveil the next most famous and finest Nigerian youth. Featuring the best of:  Fashion, Music, Dance, Drama, Live Performances, And so much more. Come let’s celebrate our […]

Face of Much More 9ja 2018 Contest !!! PRIZES: Winner – Cash Prize, Exclusive Interview & Brand Ambassador Deal. 1st Runner up – Modelling Contract 2nd Runner Up – Internet Subscription. Meet the contestants:   Contestant 1: Merryam OmakaOccupation: StudentState of Origin: EbonyiHobbies: Music and calligraphy. Contestant 2: Marian GodfreyOccupation: […]

Much More 9ja  Presents Face of Much More 9ja 2018 A photo contest to unveil our maiden brand ambassador. Benefits of Participation includes: Cash Prizes, Exclusive Interview with Nigerian Latest Blog, Social Media Publicity, Brand Ambassador Deal, Modelling Contract, Internet Subscription and so much more from Much More 9ja and […]

PALEC AWARDS 2018 AND SLC 3.0 FINAL NOMINEE’S UNVEILED PALEC AWARDS Central Planning Committee has unveiled the official final nominees for the Prestige Anchor Leadership, Empowerment and Capacity Building Awards (PALEC AWARDS 3.0) to hold with the Student Leadership Conference at University of Benin. Sequel to the Intensive Manual and Online […]

Much More 9ja Face of May 2018 Contest !!! Meet the contestants: Contestant 1: Blessing Danjuma Age: 18 Sex: Female Occupation: Student State of Origin: Abuja Location: Kwali Hobbies: Singing and reading. Contestant 2: Mesharch Tsaku Age: 18 Sex: Male Occupation: Student State of Origin: Nasarawa Location: Kano Hobbies: Playing […]

Much More 9ja Face of May 2018!!! Register and be part of our Face of May 2018: Message us on Whatsapp on 09038281234 or our Facebook page with your details and photo. Registration Closure: Monday 30th April by 12pm and Contestants will be announced  same day on our blog. Voting […]

Much More 9ja Face of the Month for April 2018 Contest voting came to an end on Saturday March 31st at 6pm and here are the results from the Voting Poll Page. Contestant 1: Adefemi Janet – 36 votes Contestant 2: Gideon Sadoh – 119 votes Contestant 3: Mariam Aworinde – 37 votes […]

  Much More 9ja Face of April 2018!!!   Registration Closure: Saturday 24th March by 12pm And Contestants will be announced by 5pm same day. Voting will start by 6pm on Saturday the 24th and end by 6pm on Saturday the 31st of March 2018. Voting Page will be www.muchmore9ja.com.ng/vote And […]

Do you want to know the causes and prevention of Body Odour? Read this and know how to prevent body odour and safe yourself from embarrassment. Sweating And Body Odour how it relates: Sweating is an essential physical process by which the body releases excessive body heat and regulates our […]

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