“We didn’t have sex” she explained with a questioning look.
“I don’t think the romances have anything to do with the pregnancy” she said not knowing what to expect as Kehinde watched her quietly.

“When was the last time you two met in his room to do this?” Kehinde asked and brought out a sheet of paper and a pen from his chest pocket and began to write something calculatingly.
“Last month…yes,we did it again last month” she answered, then continued.
” I was no longer comfortable with the act after the prophecy that came forth in one of monthly revival programs which I believed it was me God was referring to. I went over to Kola’s house and discussed it with him; i told him I won’t be continuing in the act anymore but he pleaded with me to do it with him for the last time and he would not demand for it again. After a long struggle with my conscience, I gave in to his demand in order to make him happy, at least for the last time till our wedding night…” She narrated as her heart beat increased.
“Did he ejaculate on your body?” He interviewed her further.

“What do you mean by ‘ejaculate?” She asked naively and Kehinde managed to force out a silent laugh.
” I mean,in the process of smooching and touching of sensitive body parts that day, did he released semen or some whitish gray liquids from his genital on your body?” He asked looking into her confused eyes.
“Semen? I don’t know of any semen or whitish gray thing o.” She said thoughtfully, then continued.
“But I used to be wet and his boxers too used to be wet with some stretchy watery stuffs. I only noticed my clothes were always wet whenever he climbed down from my body…” She explained and Kehinde cut her short.
“That’s exactly what am talking about!” He said with keen interest,
” did the stretchy watery stuff come in contact with your frontal organ?.. I mean your private part” He asked trying to act mean when he noticed she was becoming shy.
” I ..I don’t know brother Kehinde,” she said,
“But it got to a time in that last month’s own, that Kola became very aggressive in the act and began to pull off my gown and I was almost naked on the bed with him.. I struggled with him over my clothes and I noticed… Yes.. Yes… I can remember” Sade said almost in a shout when the picture of what happened that day came flashing in her mind.
“Kola released plenty of those stretchy semen on my pants. My undies and clothes were gummy and wet when he got up from my body that particular day…” She said looking at Kehinde for clarification.

Kehinde breathed down heavily with relief before throwing another question at her.
“Can you remember the date?” He asked,
“I mean the date of the day this thing happened” he asked and she began to search her mind to remember the date.
“Uhmmm… I remember we went to his house together from the fellowship that day. That was on a Wednesday… I guess it was on the 23rd of last month, yes it was on 23rd!” She confirmed it searching her phone calendar.
“Okay..” Kehinde said and wrote the date down on the sheet of paper, then continued.
“When did you see your period last?” He asked without raising his head knowing that she might feel shy.
“15th of last month” she answered quietly and he wrote it down again.
“When are you supposed to expect your period for this month?” He asked still looking away from her so that she can feel comfortable and answer him accurately.
“On 11th or latest 12th, but it’s past now. Today is already 21st” she explained and Kehinde smiled sadly. Silence permeated the place for the next few minutes before Sade voiced out.
“What’s happening? You are not talking” she said worriedly Kehinde didn’t respond as he was lost in his own thoughts and his face showed he was deeply hurting on the inside. He sighed loudly, then looked into Sade’s eyes.

“Sister Sade, you claimed to be a virgin yet you went about fornicating with Kolade…how were you finding it easy suppressing the nudging and warnings of the Holy Spirit each time you experiment each other’s body behind closed doors?.” He asked with a red eyes.
” how can you call your self a virgin and claim to maintain chastity whereas you practiced practically everything married people practice? You claimed to love and fear the Lord, yet behind closed doors, you dishonor him with your body .Sade,You have failed God, me and every other young person who’s been looking up to you as a model of purity.” He said finding it hard to believe that the Sade he had always respected and rated so high was living a secret dirty life.
Guilt stricken, Sade was soaked in tears as his words hit her hard. She buried her face in her hands in regrets.
“Well, it’s obvious Kola is responsible for the pregnancy” he managed to say with a cracky voice and she jolted up to face Kehinde with a bloodshot eyes.
“I regret my actions and really wish i can turn back the hands of time. But we didn’t actually have sex, so how possible is that?” She asked naively and Kehinde looked at her in disgust, trying hard to hide his feeling of disappointment and anger.
“You had better stop saying that you two didn’t have sex. It’s not the penetration of the male organ that impregnates a woman or fertilizes the eggs. It’s the sperm when it finds it’s way into the woman’s reproductive organ that swims into her body searching for a mature eggs to fertilize. Those stretchy semen Kola released on your pant and body contains healthy sper cells and they must had possibly penetrated through your pant into your reproductive organ, especially if you were wearing a net pant. Or he could had possibly transmitted a healthy sperm into you with his hands while experimenting with your genitals unknowingly.” he explained looking into her eyes with frankness.
“You actually had sex my dear. Stop ranting that you are still a virgin. Virgins don’t practice what married people do” he said and stood up as she stared at him in shock. He saved the voice record on his phone which had been on recording, and put it back into his trouser pocket. From his house, he decided to put every discussion he would have with her on recording so that he would have an evidence to prove himself innocent, if she tried implicating him. Thankfully, he was happy it wasn’t what he suspected that happened, yet he saved the recording for future need.
“Get up, I’m driving you straight to the parsonage and you will need to repeat everything you told me here before the church mummy and daddy because it’s obvious they have no idea the kind of things you and Kola have been doing behind closed doors” he declared without looking at her and she bursted out in a loud cry.
“Daddy and mummy will be so disappointed in me…” She cried…

To be continued

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