Episode 46(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

“Don’t inject me anymore, let me die. I’m tired of this life, I want to die.” The queen became aggressive as she whined in pain and refused to allow doctor Iyk inject her. The sight of seeing his mother going through pain to the extent of desiring death shook him considerably and the fact that the crises was happening before his friends hurt him more and he began to beg her to calm down and take the pain reliever but she would hear none of it.

“No, no! I have taken enough pain reliever, I can’t continue to leave my life in pain, leave me let me die.” The queen cried in protest. Sade came close to her and made to continue with the massaging but she scared her away in anger and she scampered back in fear. But the pain of seeing Kehinde looking very disturbed kept her worried on her feet.

“Maybe we should call the health assistants to hold her so that we can force the injection into her..” Doctor Iyk suggested to Kehinde but he refused.
” Let’s give her time, she is just upset and fed up with the frequent occurrences…” Kehinde replied and sat down on a stool and buried his head in his hands in defeat. The doctor went over to him and pat him on the back and Sade stood up still, leaned her back on the wall with her heart heavy with the urge to cry. She didn’t know how her hands moved to the queen’s hair which had been scattered due to the violent rolling on the bed, but she found herself stroking the hair gently and then a song dropped in her heart at the same time with a drop of tears. Then like a spark of fire with her eyes tightly closed, her voice went high in the air singing the very songs she received right there and stroking the hair at the same.

Kehinde and doctor Iyk raised their head simultaneously to find Sade singing with tears flowing her cheeks and her eyes tightly closed. Their eyes both went down to the queen who had stopped crying and was lying weakly with her eyes closed too. Her hands moved further from the head down to her shoulder as she sang the healing song under the power of the Holy Ghost and the queen slipped into a trance where a therapist massaged her body with anointing oil and she vomited a red thread tightly tied together. When she opened her eyes, she found Sade massaging the same spot where the therapist massaged in the trance and she fixed her eyes intently on the strange girl (Sade) who was massaging her.

Kehinde and doctor Iyk stood at a spot watching the drama between Sade and the queen. The queen who didn’t notice their presence, tapped and held Sade’s hand halting her from singing further.
“Who are you?” She asked calmly and Sade looked up at Kehinde for the answer.
“My name is Sade, am brother Kehinde’s…” She was trying to talk further but the queen quickly drew her closer to himself
“Oh! Sade you are more righteous than I, please forgive me.” She said almost crying, then continued as Sade searched Kehinde eyes for explanation.
“Your voice and hands are therapeutic, I’m healed! The Lord healed me through your song. Please forgive my wrong judgment of you..” The queen continued as she drew her into a tight hug and Kehinde signalled his mother not to talk further but the queen continued to express herself as she held Sade tightly to herself.

“Kehinde my son never told me you are this nice my .” She continued and Kehinde begged her to stop but she ignored him and continued.
“Guy, this woman wan expose me o” Kehinde whispered into Iyk’s ear and they laughed to themselves silently as the two women maintained their tight hold. Sade felt the warmth of the queen’s hold, inhaled the scent of the expensive perfume on her ,then loosened herself a bit and kissed her on the forehead…

To be continued

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet

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