Episode 47(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

“Your woman seems not to understand what’s going on here. I saw confusion in her eyes a while ago . Is there something…” Doctor Iyk was saying in a whisper when Kehinde interrupted him.
“So you were actually looking into my woman’s eyes,what were you looking for in her eyes? you wanted to seduce her abi?” The excited Kehinde joked throwing both of them into an uncontrollable laughter that caught the two women’s attention and they loosened up and turned to look at them standing at a distance whispering words into each other’s ears.

“Kenny, come’on trust me for once. I’m already a changed man,though not yet into the born again stuff like you. But I will join you soon…” Iyk was talking and Kehinde quickly cut in.
“Stop this your ‘I will join you soon’ story. You have been saying it; that was the same thing you told me the last time I preached to you before we finally lost contacts. See, at this critical period of your life that you are already confused and tired of the state of everything, only Jesus has the power to put your life in order and bring it into a perfect shape. Look, you won’t regret giving your life to Christ Iyk…” Kehinde used the opportunity to preach to him again.” Kenny, I really desire to be like you seeing how blessed you are, look at the kind of woman God gave you; she is not just beautiful, she’s godly, respectful, highly gifted and she loves your mother..” He continued and Kehinde’s head and shoulder grew higher as Iyk praised Sade before him with high regard.

“My fear actually about the born again stuff is that am afraid it will be too difficult for me. I mean, isn’t the born again life difficult ?” He asked searching Kehinde’s eyes worriedly.
“Difficult ? Your strength is not needed Iyk; once you receive Jesus as your Lord and saviour, you will receive instant grace and power to live a victorious Christian life without struggles. Look at me now, was i not even worse than you back then on campus? But God’s grace have been upholding me since that time I made up my mind to follow him. Just do your own part which is receiving Christ into your life first and leave the other things for God to handle..” Kehinde explained and Iyk nodded his head with understanding.

“Kenny, I think you are right. So what are the requirements for receiving Christ?” He asked with willingness.
“Nothing much, just your heart. A willing heart is all that is required…” Kehinde was still talking but he didn’t allow him to finish up what he wanted to say.
” I’m willing Kenny, ready to receive Christ.” He said and took a step closer. Kehinde looked back and saw the two women discussing what only them and God knows, then he quickly turned to face Iyk.
“Let me lead you to receive Christ Iyk.” He said with excitement in his eyes, not knowing how to express himself seeing a quadruple miracle happening for him in less than two hours. First was the healing of his mother whose crisis occurrences had defiled medical solution, the stress less acceptance of Sade by his mother who had vowed that she would never accept Sade as daughter in-law, the sight of seeing Sade minister a song under the power of God to effect instant healing and now his friend Iyk whom he spoke into womanizing way back in the university now ready to receive Christ as Lord and saviour.

With tears of joy, he held Iyk’s hands and led him to say the salvation prayer after which he hugged him tightly and dished out prayers on him. The two women turned with smiles on their lips to watch the sight of them clung to each other in prayers.
“My son Kehinde, he so much love God.” The queen said thoughtfully.
“I’m so proud of him.” She continued and Sade kept smiling from ear to ear as she looked from the thoughtful queen to the men who were having nice time.
“Me too, he has affected my life positively in every area.” She chipped in calmly.

Kehinde finished praying for Iyk and wiped off the tears on his eyelids, then they walked up together to meet the women.
“Mother, how do you feel now?” He asked his smiling mother.
“I’m healed my son. I’m healed! The Lord healed me through Sade’s song and hands.” The queen said turning to look at Sade who stood up and remained at a spot as all eyes turned to her. She suddenly became embarrassed on seeing all of them looking at her and she bent her head feeling shy.
Kehinde looked into his mother’s eyes and saw satisfaction, he swallowed hard feeling extra love for Sade then left his mother’s bedside and walked up to Sade who was still feeling shy. He stop right in front of her as doctor Iyk and the queen watched him to know what he wanted to do.

“Sade.” He called with a voice full of emotions and her heart began to beat faster not knowing what to expect.
“I didn’t prepare to do this here in the hospital; not even today or tomorrow but I knew that this day would come. I’ve known you for at least six years, and for every single second, minute, hour and day of the six years I have suppressed my love for you. But right now, I can’t suppress it anymore and I guess…” Kehinde was still talking and Sade lifted her head in shock with her mouth widely open as tears began to pour out. Her legs suddenly became frozen and too heavy for her as her eyes came in contact with his emotion filled eyes
“It’s not true, it’s not true!” She cried out and made to run out of the ward but Kehinde held her back. But she kept struggling to break loose from his hold as her head couldn’t carry the unfolding of events.

“Please, hear me out first.” Kehinde whispered into her ears as doctor Iyk and the queen watched them engulfed with emotions.
“Ah! No brother Kehinde, you are not serious, you are pulling my legs.” Her tears gushed out.
“No, I’m serious. I love you Sade, I seriously do.” He said emotionally trying to look into her eyes but she quickly avoided his eyes and closed her eyes tightly.

A hand tapped Kehinde from behind and he turned to see doctor Iyk.
” Maybe you guys should talk in my office, she seems very shy here.” Iyk said suggestively and he nodded his head then collected the keys from him.
“Sade, please let’s go somewhere quiet and talk…” Kehinde said still holding her as Iyk walked back to engage the queen in a discussion.
“I can’t face you brother Kehinde, please let me go home.” Sade begged with her eyes still closed.

“Don’t do this Sade, just give me the chance to talk to you. If actually you respect me as you usually say, then show me that respect now before my mother and my friend who are watching us. Please come with me.” He said almost in a whisper then pulled her forward for a walk and she followed him with out looking up…

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To be continued

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit:Internet

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