Episode 48(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

“Sade, please lift up your head and look at me.” Kehinde begged as they took their seats opposite each other in Iyk’s office.
“Brother Kehinde, please go ahead with what you want to say. I don’t think I can look into your eyes.” She said.
“What’s the problem, why can’t you look into my eyes? ” he asked observing her reaction.
“Why didn’t you tell me all these while, why?” She said in convulsive grasps.
“Look Sade, there’s no way on earth I could have expressed myself to you then. First, I met you when you were already in courtship, then just when I was expecting your wedding card, the unexpected happened and from there you lost your spiritual life which was what made me take interest in you in the first place.” He breathed down, then continued
” Talking you into another relationship immediately when you were still struggling to get back to your feet spiritually would have been the most wicked thing for me to do because there’s no way a correct revival can take place in the life of a person who is under emotions and besides, it could have been difficult for me too. Secondly, I needed time to be sure of what I was feeling for you, I didn’t want to start up a relationship with you out of pity or take advantage of what happened to you. But as each day passes by, I find my love for you getting stronger.” He explained, paused for a while and silence permeated the office.

“Sade,” he broke the silence and she answered still avoiding his eyes.
“Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me as much as I do.” He said and her heart flew into her mouth.
“Brother Kehinde, please take me home.” She jumped to her feet and made to walk out of the office but he outsmarted her and rushed to the door then lucked it up and pocketed the keys with a smile on his lips.
“Sade, am not a masquerade. Stop this thing you are doing let’s talk as adult.” He said laughing as she stole a look at him.
“Allow me to go please, what do you want from me..” She asked rhetorically he found the question interesting.
“What I want from you?” He asked jokingly,
“Very simple, I want you to look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me.” He said and walked close to her. The sound of the beating of her heart could be heard as he walked closer to her and held her hands in the most loving way.
” Sade, please marry me. ” he said in the most simplest way and her eyes widened in a greater shock. She looked down at herself to see if there’s anything special in her that could have attracted him and then fixed her eyes on his as words failed her.
“I’m not expecting an answer from you right away, you are free to take as much time as you like to pray and think over it. But I want you to know that I have spent six years of my life waiting for this day, please don’t keep me waiting for ever because you have so much become part of my every day life and I would definitely fall sick without you in my life…” Kehinde was talking and Sade who couldn’t imagine it stood stiff staring at him.
“Could this be a dream?” She thought within herself as she tried to hold back the tears in her eyes.
“Come let me go and drop you.” He said and began to unlock the office door.

Sade entered the parsonage in tears just when the church mummy was returning from her journey.
“Sade, you have been crying” the church mummy said on seeing her.
“What’s the matter? Did someone die?” She asked looking from her daughter Bukola who came to hug her to Sade who was in tears.
” Nobody died mummy, it’s brother Kehinde.” She said.
“Brother Kehinde, yes what happened to him?” She queried and asked her daughter to excuse them.
“He..he proposed to me. Mummy, he asked me to marry him.” She said still finding it difficult to believe it.
“So,what’s there that warrants crying?” The confused church mummy asked.
“No mummy, no one would have ever told me that brother Kehinde will leave every other young girls out there to come for me and I would believe it. He was there all along seeing my errors,I didn’t know anything could have made him to love me” She explained tearfully and the church mummy understood her point.

“I understand your point my dear, but you see; there’s nothing wrong with you. The man meant for you will still come for you regardless of your mistakes if only you remains faithful to God with your body and that’s what you did. You are more special to him than every other girls out there because you returned back to God.” The church mummy explained.
“Mummy, do you know that Kehinde is Oma oba(a Prince)?” Sade asked and the church mummy’s eyes widened in surprise.
“A Prince? A Prince of which Kingdom?” The church mummy asked with special interest.
” His father is the Oba of Ile Odua kingdom and he is the only son..” Sade was still talking when the church mummy cut in.

“You can’t be serious, Ile Odua is my neighbouring kingdom. How on earth did you know that?” She said in disbelief.
“His mother, the queen told me.” She said, then continued.
“I was with her few hours ago at the hospital where she was hospitalized.” Sade explained confusing the church mummy more.
“The Queen? Ha! Sade you are confusing me o” she said looking at her like someone who was hallucinating,so Sade took her time and narrated everything that happened at the hospital to her.
“The queen,that beautiful woman was in the hospital with you today?” The church mummy asked with her mouth opened agape and Sade nodded in the affirmative.
“Kehinde never carried himself like a Prince. I knew there was something very unique about him but just couldn’t place my finger on it.” The church mummy said thoughtfully then looked up at Sade.
“Sade, saying that you are lucky is an understatement,you are blessed among women. Do you know that this oba we are talking about is the first Christian oba of that kingdom? He came and abolished the worship of fetish gods in that Kingdom and gave Christians free lands to build churches. He has a large heart and very humble in nature. The oba’s family is a blessed family and every other clans envy his leadership style…” The church mummy began to give Sade stories about the oba.
“Hope you have accepted the proposal?” The church mummy asked looking serious.
“No mummy, I couldn’t say anything…” Sade was still talking and she rebuked her sharply.
” what are you waiting for? Do you still need a prophet to tell you that Kehinde is the man?” She shouted at her in a funny way.

Sade couldn’t contain the joy in her heart as she paced around in her room waiting for the night to come so she could send Kehinde an acceptance text message. She began to construct her text message and at exactly 8:30pm ,she forwarded the text to him.
Kehinde read the text message and smiled to himself, then send a text message back to her.

“I didn’t propose to you with a text message,
I was with you in person, looking into your
eyes; so if you want to accept my proposal,
don’t accept it over the phone or through
text message, I want to see you look into my
eyes and say ‘yes’ to me just to be sure it’s
a ghost that’s saying yes to me.
When you are ready to look into my eyes
and say, ‘yes’ , let me know so we can
meet specially for that.
Once again, I want to let you know that
I love you beyond words.You are my world!” The text read and the hairs on Sade’s skin stood up with strong emotions…

To be continued

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet.

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