.Episode 50(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

Immediately the church mummy left, Kehinde turned to face her and she turned her face away moodily.
“What’s the problem, did I do or say anything you didn’t like?” He asked confused at her reaction and she kept quiet.
“Sade, you are hurting me with your silence.” He said getting worked up after a brief silence.
“Your mother hates me, she doesn’t want me.” She blurted out in tears and he was taken aback by her statement.

“My mother? That’s not true, where did you get that from?..” He was still talking and she cut in.
” But I heard her,I heard her calling out my name in anger when we were talking. ” she argued and Kehinde bursted into a provocative laugh which got her more irritated.
“Come’on Sade, yes she mentioned your name. But she was actually quarreling me because she asked me to bring you to the house so she could see you before leaving and I refused. So when you called and she saw the excitement on my face, she started attacking me for denying her your face.

I’m sorry, you misunderstood it.” He explained and watched her breathe down a heavy sigh of relief.
“Then, why did you refused?” Sade said feigning annoyance.
“Uhm… Maybe it’s because you are yet to accept my proposal.” He replied giggling at her.
“But, I told you yes already.” She argued casually.
“I know you received my text too. As far as am concerned, that text did not come from the beautiful lady I proposed to eye ball to eye ball.” Kehinde said teasingly.
“Okay, yes brother Kehinde.” Sade blurted looking the other way and laughing.
“Ah! That’s not for me o. When you are ready, let me know so I can come closer and look into your eyes.” He said trying to feign seriousness.
“What’s the difference, please don’t start brother Kehinde.” Sade said feeling uncomfortable.
“Well, maybe I should be on my way. I just wanted to be sure you are alright, that’s why I came in the first place. Have a nice day!” He said coldly and jumped to his feet to leave.

“Brother Kehinde, please don’t go.” She said pleadingly and stood up to follow him and it gladdened his heart but he needed her to yield to his offer.
“No, don’t worry sister Sade,” He said cunningly,then continued.
“I can wait till when you are ready, it’s nothing at all.” He said and made to open the door even though there was no desire to leave within him.
“Okay, alright!” He Sade said from behind making up her mind to do what he requested for.
“I’m ready.” She said and took a long deep breathe.
“Hope I’m not forcing you to do it. See, I don’t mind waiting till I start growing white hair.” He said trying to hype her as he turned around to face her.
“I said, am ready.” She said and blinked her eyes when their eyes met.
“Okay! Just take your seat comfortably.” He said and she sat down watching him as he squat before her.

“What?” Sade blurted out in embarrassment.
“What is what?” Kehinde said trying hard to hold back the laugh bubbling inside him as he watched her face.
“Can you now go ahead and look into my eyes please?” He asked rhetorically still feigning seriousness.
“My knees are hurting, can you make it fast?.” He said in order to discourage her from arguing further. She then adjusted herself and blinked several times before finally fixing her eyes on his alluring eyes. She forgot the yes she wanted to say and sat there in her seat melting in emotions.
“I love you brother Kehinde.” She ended up saying instead of the expected, ‘yes’.
“So? Will you marry me?” Kehinde, having seen what he wanted to see in her eyes asked.
“Yes! Yes, I will.” She said,followed by drop of tears. He held her two hands into his and said,

” Thank you for accepting to marry me Sade. One thing I promise you today is, you will never regret marrying me… ” he was still talking when the church mummy who had been standing at the door way watching them cleared her throat just to draw their attention and they both looked up to her direction and found her beaming with smiles.
“Congratulations to the love birds.” She teased them as they all laughed.
” I’m proud of you two. Please, don’t let affliction rise the second time is the only counsel I have for you both as you both begin your courtship today. Brother Kehinde, you are such a darling.” She praised him, then continued.

“Come’on, you both should come over here and give me a big big hug.” She said and opened her hands wide to receive them into a hug.
“You are always free to use this place when ever you want to discuss anything privately.” The church mummy said excitedly giving them access to her house and they both appreciated her.
” I cut the Kehinde’s love vow short, let me go and get drinks for this special day and leave him to complete his promises.” The church mummy teased him before leaving for the kitchen.
Kehinde smiled and turned to face Sade who was all smiles,held her hands warmly and drew her into a hug…

To be continued

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet.

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