Episode 51(unedited)

Their courtship began properly as the two love birds were always on phone communicating tirelessly making plans for their home, unborn children (Toyin included), possible financial investments, spiritual lives and ministries.
During one of their spiritual outings on the mountain, they had quality time in prayers, studied the scriptures adeptly and took their action plans then sat down to evaluate their lives spiritually, career and relationship wise.

“Brother Kehinde, you don’t want me to know where you are living yet?” Sade asked as they sat down to talk.
“We can even pray and study together at the comfort of your house.” She said suggestively and he smiled.
“I really want to bring you to the house but you see, I’m just trying to be careful because I don’t trust myself with you and I alone in the house. But, that shouldn’t bother you, before our wedding, I will bring you to the house with other of my friends.” He replied looking into her squeezed up face.
“What do you mean by you don’t trust your self?” She queried and he smiled.
” I mean, I don’t want to lose control and eat what am only meant to eat after wedding.” He said smiling in a naughty way and she got the message.
“But, we have already made up our mind to abstain from sex till the wedding night. We can both exercise self control no matter what…” She pushed further and he quickly cut in.

“Sister Sade, please don’t go there. Though we already made up our minds, the flesh did not. See, I’m a weak man when it comes the flesh and we may not be able to resist each other. So,let the sleep dog be..” He explained and she kept quiet and he observed her sudden moodiness.
“What’s the problem?” He asked but she was too lost in her own thoughts to hear him.
“Sade!” He called a bit loud and jolt back.
“What were you thinking about? Is it about coming to the house?” He queried searching her eyes.
“No,brother Kehinde I was actually thinking about your reasons for keeping your house off limits as a meeting place for us. I’m just realizing that that was where Kola and I started getting it wrong, we had so much confidence in ourselves that we would be able to resist each other because we thought ourselves to be matured Christians who can exercise self control and visiting each other’s rooms would do us no harm. Well, it didn’t do us any harm for the first six months until we started hugging;hugging longer than expected and pecking on the forehead and and then kissing mildly which gave birth to deeper one and then the falling upon each other.” She said narratively then continued with a sad expression.

“Kola was a very good Christian and so was i, but we were both naive in our reasoning; we lacked the principle of keeping boundaries. Had we applied this principle of not staying alone behind closed doors, we couldn’t had yielded to that temptation that landed us in trouble…” She began to lament bitterly and he quickly cut her short.
“Uhm.. Sade, please let the past be in the past. Thank God we have learnt from the past mistakes,it’s time to apply the principle of no staying alone in secluded places to avoid soiling our testimonies.” Kehinde said and brought up another topic for evaluation.

“Kehinde, next year is too long, what are you waiting for? If it’s money, don’t worry, your father and I are ready to sponsor the wedding, marry Sade for me…” The queen quarreled Kehinde during one of his visit home.
‘Mother calm down, allow me to court my wife very well.. ” Kehinde jokingly replied.
“What are you courting? You think I didn’t hear when you said you have known her for six years?” The queen tackled him and he bursted into laughter.
“Mother, so you were actually eaves dropping while I was wooing my woman?” He said laughing and held her hands.
“Leave me jor…” The queen queen pushed him away mildly, beaming with smiles.

“See mother, Sade is going to release her music album few months from now and i don’t want her to combine it with the stress of wedding preparations. We can wed after the album release…” Kehinde was still explaining but the queen would have none of it.
“Foolish son of a wise mother, don’t you know it’s better you wed her before the album release? She would bear your name in her first album which would add to your profile.” The queen reasoned with pride.
“Okay mother, if that’s what you want, I will discuss it with her and get her own opinion.”

“That’s actually what I want, I want us to wed before the album release.” Sade told him when he discussed the idea with her and straight away, they both chose the month and dates respectively.

“Oma oba, tell your wife to send me her size, am getting her a beautiful wedding gown from the UK’s.” Kehinde’s elder sister told him when he sent the dates to her and Sade could not contain the joy in her heart.
“Is this me?” She kept asking herself silently seeing the kind of love the royal family were dishing out on her.

Three months later, they had an elaborate traditional marriage with both the high and low in attendance…

Please, I don’t want to rush this episode. I will post the white wedding and honey moon episode tomorrow.

To be continued

Coming soon is ‘The captive’s diary’

  1. Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
    Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
    Photo credit:Facebook

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