Episode 52(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

Kehinde felt disturbed and couldn’t concentrate on the scriptures as he sat on his study table with the bible opened before him as he remembered his reaction towards Jumoke when the kiss incident happened in his office. He became guilt stricken as he felt he had wronged her deeply then the thought of calling her or possibly meet with her to ask for her forgiveness and as well invite her to his wedding clouded his mind but the idea of meeting with her at that critical period he was preparing for his white wedding with Sade didn’t go down well with him.
He picked up his phone and began to dial her number which rang several times but she didn’t pick the calls.

Jumoke kept staring at her phone which rang repeatedly but she couldn’t bring herself to answer the calls as she didn’t know exactly what she felt for Kehinde, whether hatred or just a normal anger.
“Why is he calling me now, what else does he want from me? Did he think am not aware that he has done his traditional marriage?” She asked nobody in particular as she stared at the buzzing phone.
“I’m now the loser, I lost my virginity and also lost him. I’m the loser!” She broke down in tears and pushed the phone far away from her.

Kehinde’s peace of mind deserted him as he stood up from the reading table and pace his room still calling her line, determined to continue till she pick up her calls. As he was trying to redial her number again, Sade’s call entered and he picked unknowingly.
“Hello, brother Kehinde.” He heard Sade’s voice slightly and his heart skipped.
“Hello,” he responded and composed himself.
“Sorry dear, I mistakenly dialled your number.” He said coldly not really in the mood to speak with her.
“No, you didn’t. I’m the one who called you” Sade replied smiling.
“Alright. What’s happening?” He said casually then kept quiet and she noticed his cold responses.
“Bro..ther Kehinde, are you alright?” She queried feeling disturbed at his mood.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said expressionlessly,then continued.
“Was actually busy with something when your call entered. Can we talk later please?” He said and there was silence at the other end.
“Hello, hello dear.” He said and looked into his phone which was still reading but Sade was not talking, then he ended the call and threw the phone aside in frustration.

Sade looked into her phone and saw that he had ended the call and she became angry.
“What was that he was doing by this time of the night that is more important to him that he couldn’t spare at least three minutes to talk to me?” She murmured angrily to herself in the room. She expected him to call back and apologise or even explain things to her but Kehinde didn’t call back. She kept checking her phone over and over again till midnight but didn’t see any call, missed calls or even a text. Her anger grew more and she made up her mind that she would not call him either.

Kehinde kept calling Jumoke’s line repeatedly but she still refused to pick the calls. She quickly typed a text and sent to him then switched her phone off and lay down on the bed wiping the tears on her cheeks with a white handkerchief.

“Please, let me be. Leave me to nurse my wound. I’m good enough to be disvirgined but not for marriage; Kenny you disgust me, I hate you with passion. Please stay far away from me and stop calling my line. Go ahead and enjoy your new wife.”. The text read and it broke his heart and he quickly dialled her number again but it was switched off.

” Jumo, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. If you hate me, I quite understand with you, I know am not worthy of your love and time anymore but please just give me the chance to explain things to you. My heart is not strong enough for this trauma, please pick my calls.” Kehinde texted her back and waited for some minutes before dialling her number again but it was still switched off. He knelt down and tried to pray but couldn’t focus on anything, so he just went to bed and rolled from one side of the bed to the other till the early hours of the morning before sleep decided to pay him a friendly visit.

Sade woke up very early in the morning and rushed to her phone to check whether Kehinde finally called back or sent a text but there was nothing like that. Her heart began to burn within as she fought hard the tears that was about falling from her eyes and she hardened her heart not to call him or even pick his calls when he calls. She transferred her aggression on Toyin who was still sleeping by shouting her out of her peaceful sleep.
“Come’on, wake up for morning devotion!” She shouted and hit the bed hard and the innocent little girl jumped up from the bed.
She sat down with a frown,trying to put herself together before starting the devotion. After a short while, she raised a song and Toyin quickly joined her to avoid further attack. Because of the state of her heart, she couldn’t sing nor pray for long, so she paused and grudgingly picked up the devotional booklet and opened to the place meant for that day’s reading and the topic for that day was;

“#Topic:Anger: a weapon for personal destruction:
#Text:James 1:19-21.
Her heart beat increased as she read the bible passage and her eyes kept going back to the topic over and over again as she read the commentaries.
” I’m I wrong being angry with brother Kehinde? Will my decision not to call or receive his calls destroy my relationship and ruin things for me? ” she kept asking herself silently as she continued with with the commentaries.
She finished reading the commentaries but couldn’t explain them to Toyin because of the battles going on in her mind…

At this point, what do you think?
Do you see any danger sign?
Could it be that Kehinde still love Jumoke?
Is Sade’s anger justifiable?

To be continued.

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet.

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