Episode 53(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

Kehinde was woken up by the buzzing of his phone and he stretched himself sleepily before picking up the call.
“Doctor Kenny, good morning sir.” The voice at the other end said calmly and he quickly removed the phone from his left ear and glance into it to confirm the caller but it was an international number.
“Hello.” The female voice said when she did not get a response.
“Yeah…hello Toyo, how are you?” He said calculatingly.
“Really? So you still have my number?” She asked with an angry tone.
“Why not , I still do.” He said and readjusted the pillow under his head.
“Kenny, do you know you are wicked? You are very wicked,so you were getting married and couldn’t invite me. I never knew you hate me this much…” She started ranting over the phone and he had to interrupt her.

“Come’on Toyo, it hasn’t gotten to that yet. What we did was just the traditional marriage which came too sudden than I planned, and besides, it was done in the village which may not be very convenient for most of my friends. My plans was to invite you and many other of my friends to the white wedding which will take place here in the city… I’m so sorry Toyo.” He explained calmly and there was silence at the other end.
“Hello Toyo baby,are you there?” He said trying to make a joke out of her seriousness.
“Kenny, leave me jor. You always have a way to calm my hot blood with your sweet mouth. I already planned to finish you with my mouth this morning.” She said smiling.
“Oh! Thank God your blood is calm now. Toyo baby, I’ve really missed your face o. You decided to abandon me abi?” He teased her laughing.
“As if you really wanted to see me, finally the lucky girl have taken you away from me…” She said trying to be emotional and he quickly cut in.
“Toyo, where are you presently? You have to sew asoebi for me o.” He teased her laughing.

“Kenny, I’m presently out of the country but will definitely come down for your wedding. At least to show you that I still love you regardless of everything…” She said still sounding emotional.
“Oh! That would be so kind of you. Toyo, I will remain eternally grateful for that.” He said feeling very grateful.
“Yeah, Kenny you deserve much more. You are such a nice man and sometimes I wish I met you earlier than I did. But, that’s not necessary anymore, my Mr handsome have been taken.” She said and forced out a smile showcasing her beautiful set of teeth which made her even more beautiful.
“Ouch! I’m blushing.” He said at the other end laughing and she joined him to laugh.
“Funny you,” she said while laughing then continued.

“Please Kenny, don’t hesitate to let me know if you need my help in any way and keep my own asoebi for me.” She said with a low voice.
” Toyo baby, I will do just that because I truly appreciate this your call. ” he replied with excitement in his voice.
“Let your wife hear you calling me Toyo baby there, she will just break your head for you.” She said laughing as she has always enjoyed him calling her that name.

Sade kept trying to reach Kehinde but mtn kept telling her that the person she was calling was busy on another call and she became angry.
“I’ve been trying to reach him for the past fifteen minutes now but he is busy speaking with another person.” She murmured and then suddenly, fear gripped her heart when she remembered the text message Kehinde showed her from one of his ex-girlfriend on their traditional marriage day.

“I will never forgive you Kenny, my blood will
continue to haunt you every day of your life
and you will never know peace in your life.” The text message read.

“Maybe he is speaking with her,yes that Jumoke of a girl, he is speaking with her..” Sade heart burn hot within her, followed by drop of tears.
“No wonder he wasn’t in the mood to talk to me yesterday. I knew it from his reaction that he l love her, Kehinde used to long for my calls and voice, but since that yesterday he has changed considerably and don’t want to hear my voice anymore. He wants to go back to his vomit..” She thought within her as hot tears flowed down freely.

“Kenny, I’ve got to go. See you next week when I arrive Nigeria for the big occasion.” Toyo said after about twenty minutes call and they bade each other good bye.
He dropped his phone with a dry smile and saw Sade’s missed calls, and quickly returned the call when he remembered that he didn’t call her back yesterday before sleeping off but Sade refused to answer the calls. He called her two more times and when she didn’t pick up, he concluded that she was busy and probably not with her phone. He climbed down the bed and walked to the kitchen to find something to eat as he didn’t remember eating anything before going to bed last night.

As he sipped his cup of tea, he kept thinking of possible ways to get Jumoke to forgive him and renounce her words in the text message she sent to him, but couldn’t find one in his mind. He found himself dialling her number and this time, it was ringing but she wasn’t picking up.
“Mummy!” An idea dropped in his mind.
“Yes, I think I have to involve mummy now. That’s the only person Jumoke can listen to..” He thought and quickly searched for the church mummy’s number.

” Brother Kehinde, I was just about calling you. How are you? ” the church mummy asked.
“I’m fine but not really fine o mummy.” He replied coldly.
“What’s wrong oma oba?” She said then continued.
“Sade just left here crying and telling me that.. that that…in fact come over to the house let’s settle whatever the matter is.” She said conclusively.
“Crying? Why is she crying?” He asked in confusion.
“Oma oba, just come over to the house first.” The church mummy replied.
“Uhm… Mummy, please I will first check in at the office before coming ma.” He said pleadingly and she agreed to wait for him.

Immediately the church mummy ended the call, he dialled Sade’s number again and she picked it up in anger.
“Are you done flirting with your ex-girlfriend? You think I don’t know you have been talking with that Jumoke of a girl? Is she the first to lose her virginity?…” Sade blurted out angrily over the phone and it got him angry.
“Don’t you dare refer to Jumoke that way again! Don’t try it ever again!” He fired back at her to her amazement.
“What did you tell the church mummy?” He queried trying to control his temper but she angrily ended the call.

“Sade, don’t push me into doing what we would both regret later.” He sent her a text then threw his phone on the bed and entered the bathroom to have a cold water bath.

To be continued.

Coming soon is ‘the captive’s diary ‘

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet

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