Episode 55(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

On entering her room, Sade’s phone began to ring in her hand but she wasn’t in the mood to answer any call until she calls and apologise with Kehinde, so she ignored the call without finding out who the caller was.
“Oluwatoyin!”she called her daughter,
” take this money and buy me a one thousand naira recharge card from the deaconess downstairs.” She said and the little girl took off immediately to the recharge card.
“Oh! This person should leave m.e…’ She was saying when the phone rang the third time, she picked it up and was about busying it when her eyes caught the caller’s ID. It was Kehinde that and her heart began to pound as different thoughts ran through her mind.
” Ah! He is going to shout at me, mummy said he is not happy. He is angry with me… ” she said to no one but herself as she fearfully watched as the buzzing of the phone stopped and began to ring the fourth time.

“Sweetheart, please pick up your calls.
I’m sorry I hurt you. Please pick
your calls, am missing you so strongly
over here. Your love is deeply sorry…”

With an opened mouth and widened eyes, Sade read the text that entered her phone after the fourth call ended.
“He called me sweetheart, and he is even apologising to me. He is missing me even after accusing him…” She was still talking to an empty room and her phone began to ring again, but this time, it was one of the girls in her bridals train who was calling and she immediately frown her in disappointment then grudgingly answered it.
“Tolani, please I will call you back later.” She said in order to dismiss the girl who had started telling a long story, trying to cut short the beautiful moment she was already enjoying from the text message.
“OK ma” the Tolani replied and hanged up. Kehinde’s call entered immediately and she quickly picked it up excitedly.

“My beautiful wife, the best among women, the proverb 31 woman, my gorgeous queen, the only woman that has my heart in her palms and the mother of my children…” Sade stood still, engulfed with a mixture of strong emotions and astonishment hearing Kehinde calling her beautiful names.
“Lord, I know I didn’t deserve this man but you gave him to me in order to prove to me that you still love me. Please Lord God,Give me the wisdom to relate and handle him as I ought to…” She found herself praying silently followed by the dropping of joyful tears.
“Hello.. He..llo!” Kehinde said repeatedly when he didn’t hear her say a word.
“Hello” she responded and wiped off the tears on her cheeks.
” Are you crying? Oh my God!” Kehinde’s disturbed voice was heard at the other end.
“I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to hurt you. I was emotionally stressed up and…” He was still trying to explain when she spoke up.
“I’m sorry brother Kehinde.” She said and not finding more any other word in her head to express herself, she kept quiet and silence ensued for the next few seconds.

“You know what? Just take a cold bath, dress up beautifully and smell nice for me, am coming to take you out right now.” He said calmly and a she found herself smiling and crying at the same time.
“Alright.” Was the only word that came out of her mouth before the call ended. She jumped up in excitement, rushed into the bathroom and was already bathing when Toyin entered.
“Mom,here is the recharge card!” She shouted loud.
“Oluwatoyin, well done o. It took you a whole day to buy recharge card abi?” She replied casually from the bathroom.
“No mummy, deaconess was not around and I had to stay there and wait for her.” Toyin explained childishly.
“Clap for yourself then, maybe she is the only person selling airtime around here” Sade replied as she hurried out of the bathroom.

“But, you told me to buy it from her…” Toyin argued with a smile as she watched her mother.
“Thank you, keep it on the table.” Sade said absent mindedly as she sort out the clothes to wear.
“Are you going somewhere?” The inquisitive Toyin queried seeing her mother dressing up with one of her best outfits.
“Yes,” Sade replied without looking at her.
“Is it with brother Kehinde?” She asked and quickly covered her mouth with her palms when her mother turned to look at her.
“Yes! Miss interviewer, please don’t ask me any question again. Just take whatever you need and start going to big mummy’s house now.” Sade told her and she immediately stood,picked up her school bag and left the room.
She looked at herself over and over before the mirror and was practicing different types of smiles and facial expression when her phone buzzed.
“I’m waiting outside.” Kehinde informed her over the phone and her heart leaped for joy. She quickly picked up her phone and the fancy handbag Kehinde had gotten for her as a surprise before their traditional marriage then kissed the room good bye.

“Am I not blessed to have such a beautiful woman as my wife?” Kehinde asked rhetorically when she entered the car and she suddenly became shy.
“I’ve been watching you from here, you are simply beautiful my love.” He adored her and she reddened in the face from shyness.
“Thank you.” She managed to say.
“So, can we?” He asked, searching for her eyes and she nodded her head in the positive looking away from him.
He drove into a boutique where both male and female wears were being sold and she turned to look at him as he searched for a parking lot then quickly looked away before he could notice her.
“Let’s do a little shopping here before going to the #Chillings #Palace where I can seat with my baby, look into her eyes and then have some sweet talks with her.” He said flirtatiously and she felt like the earth should open its mouth and swallow her from his alluring eyes. She just found herself nodding her head and masticating.

“Gosh! My wife is shy o.” He said teasingly and gave her a mild pinch on the cheek before opening the car door.
“#THE #DARLINGS” Sade read the boutique name out silently to herself when she climbed down from the car, and adjusted her knee length gown they walked into the exotic interiors of the boutique.
“Welcome to #THE #DARLINGS . Making couples look gorgeous together is our number one priority. Our wears here comes with special attractive and bonding packages which enhances couples conducive atmosphere to bond better. Once again, you are welcome.” One of the sales representatives said recitatively smiling from ear to ear at Kehinde.
“Thank you.” Kehinde replied with a smile, then continued as he drew Sade to himself.
“My wife and I needs beautiful uniform wears…” He was still talking when the sales representative’s smile reduced on seeing how he held Sade.

“Oh! This way please.” She said on hearing the handsome young man she had started crushing on at first glance say ‘my wife’, and straight away she took the lead while they followed her behind.
“Hunters everywhere.” Sade said under her breathe looking at the girl twisting her waist before them in the name of leading them to the uniform wears section of the boutique.
Kehinde, paused on seeing a givenchy handbag and called Sade’s attention to it.
“Sweetheart, you will like that.” He said pointing towards the beautiful handbag and she looked from the bag and back at him.

“I already have enough handbags brother Kehinde, we bought three different handbags during the traditional marriage plus other ones I have…” Sade replied objectively.
“Yeah, you can have more. I like good handbags for women.” He said, pulled her by the hand and began to walk towards the stock.
“It’s too expensive.” The sales representative who had stopped when she looked behind and found out that they were not following her heard Sade’s voice.
“This girl self, you are even lucky to have a man who is ready to buy for you a givenchy handbag that’s why you are shouting it’s too expensive. If I’m in your shoe,na sharp sharp I go pick am.” She was murmuring to herself a little distance from them.

Kehinde ended up convincing Sade for them to pick the handbag and she kept on turning at intervals to look at him as if he was strange as they were walking up to the uniform wears section.

“Are you alright?” Kehinde asked her when he noticed how she looked at him.
“You are too good to be real” she found herself saying before realizing that she didn’t plan saying them out.
He smiled on seeing how embarrassed she felt for making that statement but before he could reply her ,they arrived at the uniform wears section….

To be continued
Coming soon is ‘The captive’s diary’

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet

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