Episode 56(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

“Here we are,” the sales representative announced and he was halted from replying her.
“Over here we have Nigerian native wears for couples, beautiful corporate wears, Italian wears for couples, Gucci…” She was talking and pointing at different stocks as if she was singing when Kehinde interrupted her.
“Uhm… It’s alright. My wife knows what will be good on us, allow her sort out wears for us.” he deliberately spoke up seeing that Sade was not comfortable with the girl’s presence.

“Alright sir.” The girl replied politely and stepped back.
“Sweetheart, please choose wears for us.” He turned and faced Sade romantically and she blushed seeing how the sales girl stared at them helplessly with her mouth opened agape.
“Alright.” She replied without looking into his eyes and started selecting distinctive outfits while he followed her side by side and the sales girl collecting the stocks as she selected them.
“We’ve gotten enough .” Sade told him but he wasn’t satisfied with the number of clothes and shoes she selected.
“Let’s get more babe.” He replied and placed his hands on her shoulder.
“No! Let’s go,their stocks are too expensive.” Sade protested.
“Yes ma.” He said and off they left for the cost desk where he paid for the stocks and they left for the Chilling Palace.

“Thanks for the wears.” Sade said with a smile as they took their seats in the first class private compartment of the eatery.
“I’m all yours.” He replied looking into her eyes.
“This place is beautiful.” She said and fed her eyes with the beautiful interior décor.
“Yeah.” He replied and touched her to stop looking at the flowers and focus on him.
“Stop looking at the flowers, just be looking at me.” He said laughing and she gave him one of the smiling styles she had practiced in her room before coming out to meet him.

“Wow!” He exclaimed and was about complimenting on her smile when a waiter came to take their orders and he collected the food menu, placed it before her and asked her to thick what they would eat. She withdrew back and told him to choose for them and he did then returned the menu back to the waiter who left immediately to get the orders.
“Give me your hand,” Kehinde said leaning over the table with his right hand stretched out to receive hers and her body froze as powerful emotions surged through her spines. Her head suddenly became too heavy down for her neck to carry and she lowered it then gradually placed her chilled hand into his and he held her hands passionately for few seconds before speaking up.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you.” He said with a sincere show of remorsefulness, then the waiter came up with the orders in a large tray pan in his hand. Kehinde paused when he saw that her attention was drawn to the waiter’s presence, then signalled him to drop and leave and he got the message. He gently squeezed her hand which was still in his in order to call her attention back to himself and she stole a look at him but before she could look away, her eyes caught his eyes looking at her. Her eyes fell on his pink lips and she found herself fantasizing on the pink lips in her heart and couldn’t look away from it as it moved sweetly .

“I want you to know that you have already won this heart of mine and you can never share me with any other woman. Please, help my fragile heart to love you more by trusting me as your husband. I don’t have a strong heart, so I try as much as possible to avoid troubles especially from people I care about. I want us to enjoy this marriage together, please help me to live longer to enjoy you and our children…” Kehinde continued pleadingly with passion in his eyes and voice.

The next day, Jumoke arrived the church mummy’s house exactly the time they scheduled to meet. The church mummy observed that she had shaped down considerably and wasn’t looking her usual self even though she was trying hard to maintain a lively facial expression. With the milk of motherly kindness, she did everything possible to show her extra care and love and Jumoke couldn’t understand the reason for the unusual kindness.
After about two hours of entertaining her, she asked her to spend the night over but she politely refused using her work as an excuse.
“I would be going to work tomorrow morning ma. Mummy don’t worry, maybe one of these weekends, I will come around and spend the night.” She replied.
“Alright my dear, just that I wanted us to discuss something very important to me.” The church mummy chipped in cunningly in order to arouse her interest.

“Mummy, let’s talk about it then, or will it take much time?” She said with concern in her eyes. And the church mummy suddenly switched in a sad countenance.
“Jumoke, it’s about you and Kehinde.” She said with a worried voice and Jumoke’s heart flew into her mouth,then her head went down low in shame.
“He showed me the text messages you sent to him and have also told me everything.” The church mummy began and her heart beat increased.
“Jumoke, that first text was too harsh to come from a Christian lady like you. You know you have a high prophetic grace and whatever you say can easily come to pass…” The church mummy was still talking when Jumoke broke down in tears,crying uncontrollably.
“Mummy, it’s so painful!” She cried out with her head down.
” My baby, I understand how you feel. Kehinde is very sorry; he didn’t plan leaving you,God made it clear to him that you were not meant to be his wife and his leaving you is to your own advantage. Who knows, maybe the purpose of your life is greater than he can handle and God already have a better person who is worthy and capable enough to carry you in life. ” the church mummy said,breathed down then continued.

“Jumoke, don’t tell me you haven’t been putting all my teachings to practice. I’ve been preaching it in all the youth programs some of which you were present that a single person should never force his/herself into a man’s life, even if the person is an ex, if that lover or ex is no longer interested in the relationship; move on with your life. Don’t try to make it work out by all means, you will end up being the person who would suffer hurt in that relationship because his/her heart is no longer with you…” The church mummy continued as if she was preaching to her.
“Mummy, I’m finding it difficult to Kenny go off my heart. I’ve tried to do so but can’t, don’t know what to do anymore. I’m angry with him yet I still love him deeply in my heart..” She explained in tears.

“I don’t think you love him, because if you do, you wouldn’t have sent him that that detrimental text. You almost destroyed his marriage Jumoke.” The church mummy said, sounding serious.
“I love him mummy, the text was sent out of anger.” Jumoke explained.
“If you love him, then forgive him and release him from your heart to marry the will of God for his life and enjoy his marriage.” The church mummy said with a commanding tone, but calmed her temper seeing that the young girl was in pain,placed her hand on Jumoke’s shoulder in a caring manner then continued with a soft tone.
“You are finding it difficult because you have not yet made up your mind and you can never find love outside there until you release Kehinde from your heart. I told you sometimes ago under the spirit of prophecy that God is bringing your rightful husband from afar. Jumoke you will miss your rightful man if you don’t let go of Kenny . The perfect will of God for your life may come around and you would not give him the chance because your heart is still with Kehinde. You are harming yourself Jumoke..” The church mummy spoke up passionately and the crying Jumoke ran into her arms, soaked in her own tears.

“Please, pray for me. I want to let go…” She cried and the church mummy hugged her tightly and pat her back gently and allowed her to have a good cry of relief. After about twenty minutes, the church mummy held hands with her and prayed fervently with her then told her to renounce her words in the text she sent to Kehinde in her presence which she did willingly from the depth of her heart.
“Thank you so much mummy, feel so relieved in my heart.” She thanked the church mummy over and over again. Just when she was about leaving, the Pastor came back with an ebony dark young man.
“Guess who we have here!” The Pastor announced on entering the parlor and the church mummy gave an exciting scream on seeing the young man.

“Mummy, don’t even smile with me. I heard you were in Dallas three weeks ago but you didn’t check on me.” The young man said feigning annoyance.
“Ah! Mike, am sorry. It was daddy o.” The church mummy said laughing.
“I planned calling you, but he was busy rushing me to come back to Nigeria, and I had to shorten the days I planned staying…” She explained jokingly.

Jumoke stood back at a spot watching the handsome young man and beaming with smiles helplessly. Mike turned from the church mummy to look at the lady who was not talking and their eyes clicked and remained that way for the next few seconds…

To be continued
Coming soon is ‘the captive’s diary’

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet

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