Episode 57(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim.

The church mummy and her husband exchanged glances when they noticed the chemical reaction between the two, then the Pastor cleared his throat in a very embarrassing manner which knocked them back to the consciousness that they were with people.
“Jumoke, how are you?” The Pastor asked as Mike made to take a seat.
“Good evening sir. I’m fine sir.” She went on her knees in greeting,then continued.
“I’m sorry daddy, you were talking when you entered and I thought it wise to wait till you are done before greeting.” She explained still kneeling down and the young man kept looking at her with the corner of his eyes not knowing that the church mummy was watching him.
“Ah! Come’on, stand to your feet. It’s nothing.” The Pastor said hurriedly with his hand demonstrating a rising action.
“Ese daddy, thank you sir.” She said and stood up to her feet,then continued.
“I want to be on my way now.” She announced.
“That’s alright. I hope mummy took good care of you?” The Pastor asked jokingly and she smiled.
“Very well sir.” She replied smiling beautifully in such a way that got Mike smiling unknowingly right where he was sitting.
“My baby, do take care of your self.” The church mummy said cheerfully as she opened the door to leave and she responded before leaving.

“Mike, why were you looking at her like that?” The church mummy jokingly asked immediately the door closed behind her.
“Was I looking at her?” The embarrassed Mike asked and the Pastor bursted into a loud laugh.
“It was so glaring,you can’t deny that.” The church mummy pushed further.
“This woman, leave my son alone jor, is looking now a sin?” The Pastor intervened seeing that Mike was feeling embarrassed.
“I didn’t even realize I was looking at her, but to be sincere with you, I felt my soul clung to hers in just a short while. I don’t really understand, but I think i..” He paused when he saw how the couple were looking at him.
“You think you are what? Finish your statement my friend.” The church mummy fired at him jokingly.
“I don’t like the way you two were looking at me. I mean, what’s wrong with loving a beautiful sister? Or is she married already?” Mike spoke up with a deep American intonation, smiling and trying to act serious at the same time.
“Nothing is wrong with loving a beautiful sister my son. And she is not married either.” The Pastor answered laughing.
“Wow!” He exclaimed in atypical American crazy life.
“I’ve found my wife then. You know what momma, I actually was hoping to discuss marriage stuff with you once I arrive Nigeria, but look how God’s done it. So, tell me more about her. Who’s she?” The excited Mike said and they both watched him laughing.
“Forget about her let’s talk about something else. How is the ministry over there?” The church mummy who didn’t want to take him serious said casually, waving his words aside.
“I should forget about my marriage and talk about ministry? What do you call ministry?” He asked with all seriousness.
“Mean!” He bewailed then continued.
“My marriage is part of my ministry, or would you prefer i bring home a white lady?” He said and the couple exchanged glances again seeing how serious he was.
“Not at all.” The church mummy cut in,then continued.
“I thought you were not serious, because we have been begging you all these years to get married but you refused. Remember how you used to tell me particularly that you want to be like apostle Paul who did not marry, so that you can serve God without distraction…” The church mummy explained and Mike smiled.
“Well, that’s in the past. God wants me to get married, He told me that my wife would be instrumental to the growth of my ministry and that of my life. He also told me you have a part to play in linking me to my wife. I don’t know how you intends doing that but I don’t think what I felt for this lady that just left here few ago is ordinary…” Mike explained carefully to the surprise of the church mummy and the Pastor.
“That’s good to hear Mike.” The Pastor cut in excitedly.
“I’m so happy to hear this coming from you. Ah! Pastor Mike talking about marriage?” The church mummy stood up with her hands on her chest staring at him.
“You two should stop looking at me that way please!.” Mike covered his face in embarrassment.

A text message entered Kehinde’s phone late in the night and he couldn’t contain his joy when he saw it was from Jumoke.

“Good evening Oma oba. How are you
and the preparation for your wedding?
There’s a point in life when one has
no choice than to let go of what he/she
cherish so much in order to make way
for better things. I guess am at that very
point in my life right now.
Kenny, I don’t know whether I should say,
‘I forgive you’ or ‘I release you’. But from
the depth of my heart, I let go of all my
anger and grievances against you.
I’m sorry for the horrible text messages
I sent to you, I sent them out but I have
renounced them already.
Please, I want you to be a brother which I
never had to me. Also, pray for me to find
love again.
From Jumoke Alade. ”
The text message read and he couldn’t but dial her number immediately.
“Jumo, thank you so much.” He said over the phone immediately she picked the call.
“I’m sorry for all the hurts I caused you, I’ve been praying for you and I assure you under God that you will find better love than I could have ever offered you in this life soon. Jumo, you are a nice girl, I know God will settle you..” Kehinde kept pouring out his heart and they both did not know when tears began to drop from their eyes.
“Thank you.” Were the only word she could reply him amidst tears.
“I will call you tomorrow.” Kehinde said calmly when he noticed she was also crying and the call ended abruptly.
He slumped on his bed, looked intently into the space for some minutes as the events of the past years played itself before him and he lifted up his two hands and said.
“Thank you my Ebeneezer, thus far you have brought me. So Lord, help me live the remaining years of my life to your glory.” He prayed in tears and forwarded the text message to Sade…

To be continued
Coming soon is ‘the captive’s diary’

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet.

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