Episode 58(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

A week later, Sade and Kehinde had a glamorous wedding which got everyone talking both in the city and in the village as the oba and his queen gifted Sade a brand new car for being instrumental to the healing of the queen and as a way of showing her that she is very much welcome into the royal family.
Receiving the car keys from Kehinde’s elder sister who presented the car gift on behalf of the royal family, Sade couldn’t hold back the tears gushing out of her eyes.
“I’m the first woman from my lineage to own a car.” She said to herself as she received the car keys and cried into Kehinde’s arms while the mammoth crowd seated present in the five thousand seaters capacity reception hall watched in admiration as Kehinde pat her back gently smiling handsomely.

“Hmm..this God is somehow o. I remember how we gossipped this Sade of girl back when she got pregnant outside wedlock, but look how God have honoured her in the same city she was once disgraced simply because she returned back to God in total repentance. I’m beginning to give my life a second thought seriously, all these secret immoral lives we are living is no longer making sense to me at all. Her life is really worthy of emulation to me o..” A girl who was once in the same choir department with Sade told her friend while the reception was ongoing with them watching from the back where they were seated.
“That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking too. Sometimes, I get tired of life itself. See, after this her wedding; am going to get close to her and learn from her. I even heard she would be releasing her music album next month.” Her friend replied and they both reached an agreement to get close to her.
Sade’s aged parents sat at the high table clothed in sewn quality Yoruba native wear popularly known as Asoke and their joy could not be quantified watching the glory surrounding the same daughter whom they had once given up on.

Doctor Iyk was allover Jumoke through out the wedding.
“Guy, you didn’t tell me Jumoke has been in this town.” Iyk couldn’t wait till after the wedding before whispering into Kehinde’s ear.
“So?” Kehinde replied suspiciously.
“Not what your thinking guy, you know I used to like her back then even before you guys started dating. Witnessing this your wedding today, I don’t even know how am feeling inside my heart. I desperately need a wife too,after all am not getting younger..” Doctor Iyk explained and kehinde kept looking intently into his eyes.
“Guy you are not talking.” Iyk said with a surprise look and Kehinde swallowed hard before replying him.
“So, are you already considering her for marriage?” Kehinde asked, wearing a serious look.
“Yeah, you and I know Jumoke is a nice girl. Had I know you guys would not end up together, I wouldn’t have gotten into that…” He was still talking and Kehinde cut in.
“It’s alright, but you still need to pray about it. I don’t want that girl to experience any hurt in relationship again and at the same time, I don’t want you to make another mistake in marriage.” Kehinde explained carefully and Iyk nodded his head with understanding.

“Guy, I beg shift make I concentrate on my wife. It’s my day!” Kehinde said jokingly then gave him a mild push and they both bursted into a silent laugh and he went back straight to where Jumoke was seated in the reception hall.
“Jumo dear, sorry I went out to attend to something.” He said as he sat down close to her and she nodded her head.
“Chai! It’s really been a long time o. I remember those days on the campus that you will see me coming to you and you will start running,” he said jokingly and they both started laughing.
“But come to think about it, why were you so much afraid of me then?” Iyk asked smiling.
“Nothing, I heard you were a cultist and secondly, I always see you with different bad girls.” Jumoke explained calmly.
“Well, I was into women then but definitely not a cultist.” Iyk said regrettably then continued.

“Thank God for His saving grace, am now born again.” He said with a dry smile and she turned to look at him properly. “Congratulations Iyk. I’m also born again and sincerely speaking, it’s been awesome knowing God.” She said and from there they went on sharing salvation experiences and other things,and he didn’t make the mistake of forgetting to collect her number.

The wedding reception came to an end at some minutes past 5pm, people who were in attendance left with different kinds of wedding gifts and Iyk drove the latest couple to the hotel booked for their honeymoon. When they checked into the hotel, Iyk gave Kehinde a thumb up and he got the message as they both started laughing but Sade didn’t understand why the two friends were laughing.
“Spoilt Igbo boy, come and start going let me enjoy my wife.” Kehinde said and they exchanged handshakes before he finally left smiling naughty.

“And, can I get a full romantic hug from my bride?” Kehinde said sweetly when he returned from locking up the door. He was pulling off his suit jacket and walking up to Sade who suddenly started arranging things that were not in any way scattered.
“Sweetheart, leave those things first. There’s nothing there to arrange.” He said and tingled her wait from the back and she jumped up in response to the titillating sensation wearing a feigned frown on her face.
“Brother Kehinde stop please.” She said smiling and frowning at the same time.
“Stop what? I want the first romantic hug from my bride please.” Kehinde said teasingly with his arms opened wide to receive her but she turned around again,bent down and began to search for what was not missing.
“What are you looking for? Let me help you.” The disappointed but never relenting Kehinde said squatting down close to her.
“Nothing, I want to take my bath.” She said and gently released her hand from from his hand trying as much as possible to avoid his emotion filled eyes.
“That’s better, we would bath together.” He said and began to pull off everything on him. She stole a look at him as he made to pull his boxer then looked away quickly.
“We are not bathing together please,I want to bath alone.” She said then he paused and stared at her in surprise…

Brother Kehinde, congratulations
Honeymoon is worth waiting for…see the way I’m smiling here.

To be continued

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet.

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