Episode 59(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

“You want to bath alone?” He asked,trying to understand her reasons but she just said
“Yes” and kept quiet without looking at him.
“Alright, go ahead and bath alone if that’s what you want.” He said and climbed over the bed.
“No, you go and bath first while get myself ready.” She replied and he smiled dryly then climbed down from the bed and entered the bathroom.
“Please, help get my towel and soap..” He shouted from the bathroom and switched the showers on.
“You know you would need them but entered the bathroom without collecting them.” She shouted back to him.
“Yes, I want my wife to bring them to the bathroom for me.” He said laughing, then continued.
“Please hurry up, I’m waiting for the soap.” He said and she grudgingly collected the towel and soap,walked gently close to the bathroom door and stretched her hand out for him to collect the them.

“Here they are.” She said from outside the door.
“Come inside please, am in the bathtub and I can’t climb down now.” He replied laughing inside his heart as his plan was to pour water on her and then pull her into the bathtub to bath with him.
“Brother Kehinde, you have to climb down o, because am not entering that bathroom either.” She said, pretending to be angry.
” Sweetheart, there’s no snake inside here. Bring the soap for me to bath before cold enters my body. I’m freezing here o.” He said,faking seriousness.

“Oh…! Brother Kehinde, you are looking for trouble o. Why didn’t you carry this thing along with you in the first place.” She angrily entered the bathroom, looking away from him and just as she was about handling the soap over to him, he grabbed her hands instead and stirred the water violently wetting her body in the process.
“Haba! Brother Kehinde look at what you have done now.” Not expecting that he would pour water on her she flared up,then continued.
“Please, leave my hand.” She struggled to break loose from his hold.
” Sorry my love ,since you are already wet,just join me let’s bath together.” He said trying to pull her into the tub.
“Leave me, brother Kehinde leave me alone.” She struggled and he had to release her seeing that she was determined not to bath with him and she hastened out of the bathroom.
Few minutes later, he came out from the bathroom smiling but she wore a frown.

“I’m sorry sweet, was just trying play with you. You can now go and have your bath.” he said trying to touch her but she stood up and started walking into the bathroom with everything she needed. He turned around and looked at her again as she entered the bathroom,finding it difficult to understand why she was acting strange.
He swallowed hard then continued to clean his body, applied his favorite roll-on and perfume then climbed over to the bed. He lay on the bed, pressing his phone and waiting for her to come but it took like eternity for Sade to come out of the bathroom.
“Sweetheart, are you still there?” He asked teasingly with a raised voice.
“Yes.” She responded.
“Do you need my help?” He asked, laughing to himself.
“No!!!” She replied almost immediately and he bursted into a loud laugh. It was getting to almost an hour that Sade entered the bathroom and he was beginning to feel sleepy, but he kept struggling to stay awake but his tired body couldn’t struggle much longer as he surrendered to the power of nature and slept off…

Jumoke’s phone rang at some minutes past 9pm and she picked it up with a smile.
“Hello, good evening pastor Mike.” She said calmly. Mike had collected her number from the church mummy and since then, they had been talking over the phone morning, afternoon and night. Though she was yet to know his intention but she always felt happy hearing his voice and always longed for his calls.
“Good evening sister Jumoke, how you?” He asked at the other end.
“I’m fine sir.” She replied.
“So, how did your brother’s wedding go? So sorry, i planned driving down to meet you there at the reception venue but the power of God came down mightily in the program during my ministration and we ended up staying longer than expected. Thank you for praying for me.” He said with a smile and she blushed.
“Glory to God for that.” She said then continued.

“The wedding was a huge success. I actually met an old school friend kept me company all through and I enjoyed every bit of my stay with him.” She replied smiling.
“Oh! A him?” Mike asked feeling a little bit jealous.
“Yeah. Doctor Iyk by name. We were together back then in the university and…” She was talking but Mike’s whose heart was racing faster didn’t hear one bit of everything she was saying.
“He’s married too?” He deliberately asked trying to get more information about the old school friend who had kept the woman after his heart company.

“Married? Not at all, he’s still a vibrant young bachelor. Why did you ask?” She queried noticing his tone.
“Nothing ,” He said,breathed down then continued.
“Jumoke, I’ve been thinking of asking you this question, I hope you don’t mind?” He said, determined to start up something with her before going back.
“What’s that?” She asked inquisitively.
“I don’t really know how to put it, but are you in any serious relationship?” He asked, rubbing his forehead with the other hand and silence followed…

Kehinde woke up at some minutes past 12am to find Sade sleeping a little distance away from him on the large bed. He frowned at the sight of the clothes she was putting on, she wore a skirt and blouse to bed and he couldn’t understand where she got that choice of bed wear from.
He drew closer to where she was lying and touched her cheek,then her waist and she woke up and pushed him back from her.

“Baby,it’s our honeymoon. Let’s add spices to it.” He said but she replied.
“I’m tired.
” okay, I understand you stressed a lot yesterday. Let me massage your body,it will help you body bounce back easily. “he said but she didn’t respond so he took her silence for an approval then took a kneeling position on the bed and made to pull off her blouse, she quickly pushed his hands away.
” Brother Kehinde! ” she shouted and jumped down from the bed.
“What’s the problem?” The confused Kehinde asked…

To be continued.

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet.


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