Episode 62(unedited)
©Precious Obialor Ukazim

Kehinde and Sade shared their vision with the church mummy and her husband who prayed with them and assured them of their supports and they mapped out their vision strategies on how to reach out to young people then arrived at sending invitation to churches,starting from their branch churches; one on one invitation,and through the social media platforms.
The first meeting they held with young people in the home housed about twenty youths who had strong yearning for see more of God in their lives with doctor Iyk and Jumoke in attendance. Sade led in a hot praise and worship, jumoke in opening prayers and doctor Iyk did the administrative work of showing them where to seat as they came in while Kehinde preached the word in what looked like an interactive sermon during which those young people were availed the opportunity to express themselves, share their secret struggles,fears, challenges and ask questions openly and the three friends were shocked to their bone marrows as they listened to what many of those young people were revealing about themselves. Yet, some of them who were more matured in age kept to themselves and were not willing to open.

During the prayer, Kehinde raised so many matters of concern among the youths and analyzed them so much that many of them who were guilty broke down sobbing and he used that opportunity to make an altar call and to his surprise, almost all the hands went up and he joyfully led them to Christ.
Those present were encouraged to invite their friends while coming for the next meeting as refreshments was passed round for them.

“This is a serious ministry,” doctor Iyk told kehinde with seriousness in his eyes as the young folks left one after the other.
“I couldn’t hold back my tears listening to their revelations. What can we do to reach out to more young people?” He asked zealously and the two women joined them and he shared with them the strategies they had planned out
“We can as well organize Christian picnics and timeouts with printed handbills and post banners at strategic places. We can also reach out to secondary schools and campuses with relationship and career seminars to arouse more people’s interest..” Jumoke suggested and they all found her suggestions amazing.
They immediately began to draft out plans on how to penetrate the schools and everyone contributed in the plan. When they were done, Kehinde excused himself with Iyk for a private discussion leaving the women in the parlor.

“How far with you and jumo?” He asked him.
” Nothing much, she is yet to respond to my proposal but we’ve been communicating on the normal.” Iyk replied.
“Did you really sought the face of God before proposing to her?” He asked feeling concerned.
“Well, I didn’t really pray that much. I feel there’s no need since we’ve known each other for years and secondly, she is born again. Do I really need to pray that much again?” He asked with a confused look.
“My brother, it’s a wife we are talking about here not a girlfriend. You don’t choose your wife as a Christian the same way you chose girl when you were in the world. I will advice you to go back and seek God’s face and confirm things first. You seems to be in haste, please calm down and get it right this time around…” Kehinde began then continued.
“Jumoke is a nice girl but she might not be the right woman for you and vice versa. Allow God to direct you in choosing a wife my brother…” He advised him after which they entered back into the parlor to join them and after few minutes, Iyk picked up his car keys and announced his departure.

“Jumo, how far with you. Has the Lord not said anything yet?” Kehinde teased her immediately Iyk left and everyone started laughing.
“Uhm… Not really, I don’t even understand.” She replied shyly.
“What’s it you don’t understand?” He asked showing interest.
“I actually had a dream I don’t understand but am still praying for more clarification though.” She said casually.
“Share the dream with us, perhaps we can trust God to reveal the meaning to us.” He urged her.
“In that dream, I followed Iyk on a journey to somewhere but along the line, I became very tired and couldn’t carry myself anymore. Iyk opted to carry me but unfortunately, my weight was too much for him and he had to drop me. He tried carrying me again but we both fell on our backs ,then I woke up.” She narrated, laughing with Sade but Kehinde pondered on the dream with a serious face.

“Then, there’s this other dream I had concerning pastor Mike but I can’t remember it anymore. I’ve been trying to remember it but can’t.” She chipped.
“Go back and pray, let the Holy Spirit rewind the dream for you again. You can’t forget vital dreams just like that.” He instructed her and she agreed.

Two weeks later, Sade launched her first music album which won the heart of many people as public transporters purchased and played them in their buses; churches began to sing her songs during worship sessions and her songs fast became household songs.
churches began to invite her for ministrations in and outside the state within the three months of the album release and it influenced their youth ministry positively as she became a public figure whom everyone wants to associate with.

Their living room became too small as more young people throng in for the weekly meeting, many of them sat on the floor comfortably and some stood on their feet…

To be continued

Story inspired by the Holy Spirit
Written by Precious Obialor Ukazim
Photo credit: internet

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